Top 5 Attorney Marketing Trends for 2017

2017 is here and many businesses will be looking forward to making huge returns. The same goes for attorneys. There are several factors that will attribute to various marketing trends and that will include content that is user focused, increased competition and the continued advancement of technology.

Here are the top 5 attorney marketing trends for 2017:

1. Mobile Marketing

Mobile searches are more common nowadays as compared to desktop searches. Mobile searches are expected to continue growing. For an attorney’s marketing strategy, a mobile web design should be top priority. Many clients are now turning to their mobile devices to research and review clients. This is a nice way of generating new clients and also keeping in touch with existing clients. One of the reasons why mobile is great choice is because many people have mobile phones. Attorneys will also make use of the Search Engine Optimization for various technologies.

2. Video Marketing

Video content will continue to gin importance in 2017. The creation of a short informative video is a great strategy because videos allow one to build trust with clients and connect, impress clients on a very personal level. Social media is a highly effective site of redirecting people to a site and therefore creating traffic. Video marketing gives clients a powerful impression of an attorney. Attorneys will also be optimized for high visibility in various social media sites.  Here is how to make video work for you.

3. Mobile Apps

Attorneys are now creating practical apps that consumers are now using. In 2017 Attorneys are expected to create apps that will enhance communication between attorneys and clients. This will also enable attorneys and clients to store information about their cases and also easily access information.

4. Quality Content

The quality of an attorney’s content will greatly impact the outcome of a business. Content that is relevant and of high quality will appeal to users therefore creating traffic to a site. It is important to regularly update your website with content that is interesting as this will form part of an attorney’s marketing strategy. Attorneys will focus on marketing their expertise and obtaining referrals especially through web content. The establishment of quality content will increase your rank in search engines and help in establishing the reach of market.

5. Email Marketing

This strategy has proven over time that it can work. With Email marketing one can easily and quickly send back traffic to one’s site, be able to boost referrals and build trust with clients. Attorneys will send commercial messages to groups of people with use of mail service. The good thing with email marketing is that one can either send mail to a current database or an already sold list. With these strategy attorneys will be able to enhance their relationship with clients, encourage repeat clients and enhance client loyalty.

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